Monthly Archives: January 2011

Woohoo! Release Day!

So DEMON’S DANCE is now out and available¬†from Carina Press . Yay! This is my first release with them, and I’m happy to say I have two, yes, two more coming out later this year. I just sent back the contract for the sequel, DEMON’S DUE, and a related book, DEMON’S DAWN.

But, in celebration, my housemate made me a happy book day cake, a yummy rolled cake with cream cheese filling and mint chocolate frosting. Nom. Evey loves mint chocolate anything, yes she does.

(This is is the cake, er, brownies I made for her when her book came out a couple months ago. I think we have a new tradition here. I found a horse-shaped baking pan at IKEA.)

And as for the rest of release day, I took pictures while Housemate fitted a new bridle on Gabriella, also known as Lipizzan #9, as she’s the newest addition to the farm.

She did want to go for a ride, but as she was a bit antsy, Housemate decided against it, so we went for a walk instead and I took my mare, Carrma, along, since she and Gabriella are good friends.

So that’s today. . . off to work soon, and I’ll have a guest blog over at Carina Press tomorrow. More horses. More pictures. :>)