Monthly Archives: January 2012

Long Time No Write…

Obviously, I am not a prolific blogger, and I apologize. Part of it was wanting to wait until I knew for sure where everything was heading.

I do have some good news, though; after several ups and downs with the Demon books (Demon’s Due is, well, dead.) I will finally have a new¬†book out on March 13th from Loose Id entitled CAPRIOLE.

(And if you’re wondering what a capriole is, it’s this: )

I’ve put a lot of work into building (and rebuilding, in some cases) the world I set DEMON’S DANCE in, so pardon any inconsistencies. In any case, I’m quite proud of the way CAPRIOLE turned out and hope readers enjoy it too.

No cover yet, but I’ll definitely share when I do. :>)