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Now Available: Levade!

Out today from Loose Id:

(A levade is one of the “airs above the ground” Lipizzans are known for. It’s a position which requires a gread deal of control in which the horse stands on its hind legs at a 30 degree angle. For an example of a levade in action, check out this brief clip. )

Levade, an M/M (with a little M/F) paranormal romance from Loose Id. $7.99

Felipe’s world is shattered when he receives word his lover Lukas is dead, presumably swept away at sea. Grieving, he struggles to control the psychic gifts he was born with and trains to become a Warden—someone who hunts incubi and protects their sexually voracious half-human offspring. Despite erotic temptation and misadventure, Felipe never loses hope of reuniting with the man he truly loves.

Aided by Lukas’s herd of Lipizzans, Felipe learns that Lukas is alive and initiates a rescue. Their reunion does not go well. Lukas can’t remember Felipe nor can he answer questions about where he’s been. Despite Felipe’s repeated seduction attempts, Lukas’s condition deteriorates until he’s more horse than man.

Heartbroken, Felipe is afraid that unless Lukas can come to terms with the devastating truth of who—and what—he is their love will be lost forever.

Visit the blog of my good friend Jessica Freely for a chance to win a copy of Levade and its prequel, Capriole!