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Now Available: For Want of a Horse

Horse Book CoverMy first book as editor!

Come for a ride and discover equines that are bold and beautiful, helper and hinderer, dangerous and desired. There are horses being constructed on Mars, conjured in a magician’s laboratory or summoned by a spell. Some will aid their rider in getting the girl, and others are planning revenge. Editor Evey Brett has handpicked fantastical tales of horse and rider–stories both old and new that take the reader to distant lands, other worlds, and nightmare realms. Visit the past, the present and the future along with a number of memorable steeds, but be careful which mount you choose, for that pony may either help you find your true love or lure you to your doom…

Featuring stories by Deborah J. Ross, Beth Cato, Renee Carter Hall and Cynthia Seelhammer as well as classic favorites by James Baldwin, L. Frank Baum, the Brothers Grimm and others.

Kindle: $4.99

Print: $13.00