Queer Fantasy as Evey Brett:

Diamond in the Rough,” Paizo/Pathfinder (serialized free online)

“El Amor Brujo,” The Myriad Carnival, Lethe Press

The Visitor,” Lethe Press

“Rafael,” For Want of a Horse, Lethe Press

“Offspring,” Cthulhu Lies Dreaming, Ghostwoods Books

Books as Editor:

For Want of a Horse: Twenty-Three Tales of Supernatural Stallions, Magical Mares and Paranormal Ponies, Lethe Press

Queer Erotica as Evey Brett:

“Share and Share Alike,” Threesome, Lethe Press

“Security Breach,” Men in Love, Bold Strokes Books (forthcoming)

“The Pulse of the Earth,” Fifty Shades of Green, Greenwoman Publishing

“Mares in Heat,” She Who Must Be Obeyed, ed. D.L. King, Lethe Press

“The Dancer,” Best Women’s Erotica 2015, ed. Violet Blue, Cleis Press

“Loosening Up,” Rose Caraway’s Dirty Thirty (audio and print)

“Vaquero’s Pride,” Best Gay Erotica of the Year, Vol. 1 2016

“Dragon’s Son,” Warriors and Warlords, ed. Rob Rosen, Cleis Press (forthcoming)


Loose Id:                                                        Carina Press:

Passage                                                           Demon’s Dance

Eliana                                                            Temporarily Unavailable: 

Levade                                                             Capriole

                                                                          Saints and Madmen


Queer SF/F/H as Traci Castleberry:

“Poor Girl,” Daughters of Frankenstein, Lethe Press, ed. Steve Berman

“My Arms are Hungry” Suffered from the Night: Queering Stoker’s Dracula, Lethe Press, ed. Steve Berman

“Rent Girl,” Lace and Blade 2, Marion Zimmer Bradley Trust, ed. Deborah J. Ross


M/M SF/F/H as Nica Berry:

Loose Id:                                                        Ellora’s Cave:

             Consort                                                           Real Boys

            Jazzy Little Christmas                        

            Nature’s Own                                      Carina Press:

            Northern Love                                                 Hart and Soul

            Stolen Moments

            Venom’s Bond                                     Apokrupha:


Circlet Press:

“Winter Spirit,” Like a Cunning Planed. Michael M. Jones

“Nightingale,” Charming



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